We love to play games; so we built some too!

At HGGS, we're developing tabletop games set in the fantasy world of Indagar. Our games feature beautiful miniatures, engaging rules, and fast gameplay.

Chronicles: The Game

Chronicles: The Game is a full scale tabletop miniature wargame. We designed the game be fast and intuitive, for two players to face off using a line of beautiful, single piece miniatures in an attempt to best eachother on a scenic battlefield.

War for Indagar

War for Indagar combines the meta game of a deck builder with the action and strategy of a Grand Strategy game. 1-4 players face off on a dynamic hexagonal board to gain primacy over the day, beset by powerful denizens of Indagar.

The Land of Indagar

The setting for our games, the fantasy world we have built from the ground up, is the land of Indagar. A continent of diverse peoples, powerful magic, and a new era of chaos following 1000 years of piece.

Meet the team!

We build software by day, and build games by night.

Neil Gilstrap

Game Designer

Chip Boyd

Game Designer

Contact HGGS

If you need to get a hold of us for any reason, don't hestitate to reach out!