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We love to play games; so we built some too!

Community, first. Business, second.

At HGGS, we're developing tabletop games set in the fantasy world of Indagar. Our games feature beautiful miniatures, engaging rules, and fast gameplay.


HGGS was started by two friends who were also long time gaming buddies. Mostly coming from the world of Miniature War Games, the creators of HGGS began with a bold idea call Chronicles: The Game and the companion On-line Community Role Playing Game (OCRPG). With a lot of community dedication, HGGS was started as a way to create a living lore around a suite of games all of which could be controlled by the players. HGGS wanted to create something a lot bigger than itself and the same old "game company" paradigm.

HGGS incorporated in 2016, and it began its first try at a release of Chronicles: The Game to Kickstarter in 2017. Although it was unsuccessful at the time, HGGS continued to press forward with its dream and began work on the second game of the suite known as Chronicles: The War for Indagar, a miniature board game release going to Kickstarter in 2018.


Our goal is produce a deep lore around the World of Indagar, and to create a suite of games which support that lore. The ultimate goal is create a community interest in Indagar and subsequently drive the community to create a living, fan based world. HGGS loves the idea of community, first, business, second. That's what the living World of Indagar is meant to represent - a way for the fans to create the destiny of Indagar.

To that end, the World of Indagar is expected to be a continual storyline, growing as our community interaction grows. So much so, that HGGS's ultimate dream is the Online Community Roleplaying Game (OCRPG), in which fans, using a social media style platform, will be able to interact with each other from all over the world in an interface designed to drive the story. The fans will become the inhabitants of Indagar, and their contributions to the community and to game play will serve to drive the factions of Indagar towards an unknown destiny.

It's a long road to walk, but we are dedicated to this dream and hope to see you become apart of Indagar someday as well!