Arzela Hemon

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Arzela Hemon is a Bear Shaman of the Great Forest Tribes whose protective domain covers a large part of the northern region. Known as the Cold Wind, Arzela has mastered a unique form of Wild Magic in which she can control the weather, able to freeze entire bodies of water with cold blasts. As a Bear Shaman, she is also a great mediator between the tribes of the north.


Arzela Hemon is a Bear Shaman, which also means she is a Wilder. As such, she exhibits many of the mutations of Wilders, including fanged teeth, fingernails which have grown into claws, and uniquely to her, an inhumanly pale skin. Her long hair is silvery and almost appears as frost. She wears the tattoo of the north on her stomach, a symbol of her position within the world of the Bear Shamans.

Arzela is known for her great insight and wisdom, brought upon by a unique ability to divine the near future through visions. She is known to come to the villages bringing messages of impending danger and then helping the locals thwart that danger which is often in the form of terrible beasts of the wild.

Arzela carries with her an enormous maul, inscribed with runes. This maul, far too large to be a practical weapon for a normal man, is her preferred weapon when she is not changing into her bear form.


Arzela's history before becoming a Wilder is unknown as she does not tell anyone about it. It brings her emotional pain to recall the events of her human life, and she refuses to discuss it. She rose to the station of a bear Shaman, nearly 20 years ago, finding a mentor in the north around a hidden spirit well. Since that time, she has slowly become a powerful Bear Shaman, and introduced herself to the local villages of the north. After the death of her mentor, Arzela has become the regent of the Bear Shaman in the area, so crowned after she killed the Dark Shaman in battle during the Legend of the Dark Shaman.

Arzela began exhibiting an extraordinary magical power just a year after becoming a Bear Shaman. Using her Wild Magic, she has control over the weather, able to create an unimaginable cold which can free entire bodies of water. After two years of being a Bear Shaman, Arzela was called upon by her mentor to assist the Porognia Tribe in a battle against a vicious tribe known as the Viper's Bite. When she arrived, she found the Porognia Tribe's village surrounded by the Viper's Bite, who were attempting to starve the village into submission. Rather than engaging the Viper's Bite in discussion, she approached their encampment, walked directly up to their chieftain, and used her magic to freeze his entire body in ice. In horror, his Wild Guard bowed to Arzela and fled the area, freeing the Porognia Tribe from the siege. It is said that it took 7 days for the body of the Viper's Bite chieftain to thaw.

During the Legend of the Dark Shaman, Arzela tasked herself with joining the forces of Aranthar Vari during his war with the Dark Shaman's army. Her control over the cold, earned her the name Cold Wind, as she killed many of the evil tribesfolk with frost bite. During the final battle with the Dark Shaman, Arzela transformed into a werebear, but the likes of which no one had seen. It was a bear whose fur was white as snow, and she was more massive than any had ever witnessed. In an epic struggle with the Dark Shaman, she managed to brutally kill him by tearing off his limbs.