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The Cataclysm is the event that took place upon the 1000th year celebration of the founding of The Republic which marks the point at which The Republic collapsed, Spirit production ceased, and the dark, present times of Indagar began.

During the first millennial celebration of The Republic, the latent Reaper Energy, which had been leaking into reality for over one-hundred years, finally reached a critical mass and manifested its power. Citizens of Konagara, the capital city of The Republic and primary source of Spirits, who had been ingesting Spirits, suddenly started to come under the control of The Reaper. This all happened as a millennial celebration party was happening in the streets of Konagara.

In just moments, blood began to fill the streets as those possessed by Reaper Energy, their bodies mutating, began the work of returning energy to the Spirit. These Demons of the Cabal slaughtered thousands in the streets. Konagara was awash in flame, the citizens fleeing en masse from the terror. Magical constructs, manifested in the form of a thick, opaque fog, tore from the ground, cutting down fleeing citizens. The various ambassadors of The Republic also fled, taking with them tales of the horror that befell Konagara on that night.

As the city burned, the Reaper Energy spread across and blanketed the land, decaying all life and rendering the land dark and desolate as it burned. The Cataclysm marks the downfall of The Republic.


The release of Reaper Energy into reality was world shattering. Massive earthquakes rocked the entire continent of Indagar, mostly from the south. An entire set of mountains collapsed within the Spine, opening up valley between the west and the Sand Seas which had never existed. These massive quakes were thankfully far from civilization, but the tremors could still be felt all over the continent and caused much damage in the cities.

Spirit Wells

As the Reaper Energy burst forth into reality, and through the shaking of the earth, springs appeared on the landscape, leaking magic infused water onto the earth. Although poisoned heavily by Reaper Energy the people of Indagar, who know little to nothing about the caustic Reaper Energy suddenly find themselves able to build heir own Spirit Wells. Until this time, the only known source of magic in the world was The Well, previously below Konagara, in which The Republic used to create Spirits and build a powerful nation. Now, anyone on Indagar who could claim one of these new springs could potentially also claim a source of Spirits and become a world power.

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