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Chronicles: The Game is the Miniature Wargame offering by Happy Gorilla Game Studios which exists inside of the World of Indgar lore. The game is currently built and ready to play, but failed to successfully fund during our first attempt at Kickstarter. It is currently waiting in the wings to be resubmitted for what we hope will be a 2nd, successful, Kickstarter.

Chronicles: The Game

Chronicles: The Game is a 32mm-scale, tabletop miniature strategy game set in the the fantasy land of Indagar, where you field your army of miniatures against your opponent in immersive battles and scenarios. Chronicles features fast-paced gameplay and a unique combat system that allows your models to be played as flexibly as you want while still functioning like a cohesive force.

The game scales from small to large games, and has a number of unique features that set it apart, including: living rules, a custom d10 system, dynamic unit formations, faster play with less math, and the first of it’s kind Online Community Role Playing Game.

Website and Game Play

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