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The Legends of Chronicles span the history of the world, covering some of the most important events that shaped Indagar. These Legends are remembered by all the different peoples of Indagar and are passed down as common stories.

Legends of Chronicles

Legend of the Long Journey to the Lake
This is the legend telling the story of Princess Tani Taka and the Long Journey to the Lake, a tale of very recent times which tells the story of the the Cataclysm and how Princess Tani Taka became the Queen of the City on the Lake.
Legend of Shai Silsi
Shai Silsi is regarded as the greatest Blood Cult Assassin to ever live. His story is kept secret and safe among the people of the Sand Seas as in its telling are some truths of the power of the Blood Cults that The Ramal Nations hold close.
Legend of Dread Winter
The story of Lord Commander Derrick von Castille and the defense of King's Crossing during the Dread Winter which immortalized the young Lord Commander and in whose death also marks one of the ancient grudges between Arkland and the Stars that to this day is still unresolved.

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