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Spirits are refined magic energy drawn from the waters of The Well. The magical energy of Spirits provides those who ingest them with powerful latent magics ranging from longevity to increased mental acumen.

Spiritsin present times are actually crystalline when refined. Originally, Spirits were the waters of The Well which were drank to gain access to the latent magical energy within, but after Spirit Refinement was invented, Spirits became ten-sided, crystals, of a variety of colors, with each color representing a refined magical property which when ingested would provide the person with a specific magical enhancement.

Spirits are perhaps the most valuable resource in all of the world as the latent magical powers found within them can turn normal men into super humans. They are ingested by swallowing.

Power of Spirits

Spirits come in six colors, each a process of refinement. The powers that can be gained through them vary wildly and often by the already latent magical aptitude of the person who ingests them. The stronger the magic already built up within a person, the more effect they gain from ingesting Spirits.

  • Red Spirits - Spirits of life. Ingesting Red Spirits grants longevity.
  • Yellow Spirits - Spirits of healing. Ingesting Yellow Spirits accelerates the healing process, removes scarring, and cures disease.
  • Orange Spirits - Spirits of power. Ingesting these spirits causes latent magical ability to far exceed what is otherwise humanly possible.
  • Blue Spirits - Spirits of calm. Able to provide clarity and cure mental disease.
  • White Spirits - Spirits of protection. Ingesting these spirits causes bones to harden, pain to subside, and otherwise general resilience to injury.
  • Black Spirits - Spirits of death. A fast acting poison for most, those who are inundated with Reaper Energy find their powers increased three-fold.

Legacy of Spirits

The refinement process of Spirits took many hundreds of years to master, but it is credited to Grand Artificer Martus on the final discovery of how to fully synthesize them for mass production. The potent powers of magic held within them has changed the course of human history, many times. Because the energy of Spirits is so powerful, those who had access to and the ability to ingest Spirits quickly became powerful. When ingested, Spirits can grant longer life, heightened intelligence and memory, and more resilient bodies. People who had a steady supply of Spirits could grow more wealthy, rise to greater feats, and some were even able to change the world. Armies fueled by Spirits were unstoppable forces, and eventually, the Republic grew powerful and wealthy as it was able to establish a monopoly on Spirit production.

For over a thousand years, Spirits in one form or another, have been refined and sold from the Republic. Many powerful nations have become reliant on them, especially those in Indagar, for fueling their power bases. Rich and powerful individuals have become addicted to Spirits, hoarding them for themselves so as to continue to fuel their long, prosperous lives. Like a drug, Spirits create a powerful addiction, not of the body, but simply of the mind as those with Spirits know that they can use them to enhance themselves in many ways.

Since the fall of the Republic and the Cataclysm, Spirits production has ceased. The Well, the source of magic energy that made Spirits, has been destroyed and the surrounding lands are overrun by the forces of The Cabal. As such, Spirits have become rarer and rarer, and those who still have a stockpile cling to them desperately. Whereas once entire nations could be fueled by Spirits, now the wealthy and powerful are collecting what remains, depriving those of lesser station access to them. This has created a strong, undercurrent of political upheaval in most of the great powers on Indagar.

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