Sun Jun

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Sun Jun is a powerful magic user of The Cabal, known as the Vampiress. Sun Jun has become obsessed with death and especially blood, which she drinks from goblets collected from the bodies of her victims while still warm. Her magical powers are great, and it is said that she can stave off great injury through magic and the life essence she steals from her victims.


Sun Jun is a beautiful woman to behold so long as she keeps her mutations hidden. When not robed, a demonic tail extrudes from her body, and she has large fangs. She appears unnaturally young for her age, rumored to be immune to aging and perhaps immortal.

Sun Jun is an expert manipulator, seducer, and infiltrator. Her voice is soothing to hear, almost melodic, and it has been known to enrapture any whom she desires. She travels as a pauper, a poor, helpless woman, and uses that disguise to infiltrate towns, villages, and even large cities, in search of new prey and to sow chaos.

Sun Jun is truly mad, as she hears voices which she has conversations with, appearing as if to talk to herself. These are the voices which inhabit her head and compel her to kill and drink blood.


Sun Jun began life an orphan in the streets of Konagara. She does not know her parents, and as far as she remembers, she always lived on the streets. Her life was cold and destitute, as she had to fight for scraps, steal, and defend herself against street urchins and gangs. She was captured at a young age, sold into slavery, and eventually became a concubine to rich aristocrats in Konagara. It was during this time that she learned her powers of street smarts, seduction, and persuasion.

Still a slave on the night of the Cataclysm, Sun Jun was overcome by Reaper Energy and it transformed her body. It was then that she began to hear the voices of Keenor and Koltor, the spirits which she now claims inhabit her body. When she awoke after being knocked out from Reaper Energy during the Cataclsym, it was Keenor who told her what to do. She would need to drink blood, and lots of it to stay alive and keep her body healthy. Koltor told her just how to do it: slay her owner and his family and drink their blood. The powers of her mutated body still unknown to her, she took knives from the kitchen and hunted the family throughout the large house they were in as fires consumed the city outside.

Keenor and Koltor then bade her to live the city and to travel the countryside. In order to stay alive, Keenor tells her that she must find new blood to consume, else she will rot and die as so many did in the Cataclysm. Koltor directs her path across Indagar as she travels looking as if to be a lost pauper, only to infiltrate villages and towns in order to murder more victims and ingest more human blood.