The Hollow

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During the Cataclysm, massive earthquakes rocked Indagar. Particularly hard struck was an area in the center of the continent, luckily, mostly uninhabited. The epicenter of the quake was along the Spine, in the center of the continent. The earth was rent, and an entire chain of mountains that made up the Spine was divided, leaving a massive, gaping, valley where none had been before. This area is now known as The Hollow.

The Hollow now represents a pass between the Spine where none had existed before, connecting a think strip of land on the eastern most borders of the Lanagaran Scions to the Sand Ocean. This thin strip of land is just north of the Deep Swamps. The Hollow now connects the Sand Seas to the west by a much shorter route, where previously travel had to take place by entering the great forest through the Southern Pass and exiting at the Western Pass.