Thorgil Moores

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Thorgil Moore, known as the Horned Giant, is a powerful ritualist of The Cabal. Once a Wilder of the Great Forest, Thorgil's body was inundated with Reapear Energy during the Cataclsym. His body now hideously deformed and giant in stature, he became a ritualist of The Cabal, using his dark, newly found, arcane powers to fuel the war machine of any cabalist who dare enlist his aid.


Thorgil has the appearance of a giant monster. He is near 9 feet in height, and wider than two men. His face is hideously deformed, his eyes having been replaced by gnarled horns. His skin is also equally grotesque, knotted, scarred, and twisted into what appears to be a hardened hide.

Thorgil speaks with a baritone rumble, so low and powerful as to be able to shake walls. He is obsessed with the arcane, a trait passed on to him during the second transformation of his life from a Wilder into the Horned Giant. He stumbles with a limp, caused by uneven legs, and his immense height and stature casts terrible shadows on any room he enters.

Thorgil is deeply deranged, a side effect of going from an already crazed mind of a Wilder into a reaper infused monster. Often, he can be found mumbling incoherently, and he will many times begin unheard conversations about topics even in the middle of a current one. Thought to be gifted seer, Thorgil, in mental fits, will begin spouting visions of the future, all of which are dark, hideous, and full of death and destruction.


Thorgil's life as a human is lost to time, as is the story of many Wilders. After becoming a Wilder, Thorgil traveled with a pack in the western portion of the Great Forest, near the Western Gate. He had friends in that pack, and they were his family. Just a week before the Cataclysm, however, Thorgil's family was slaughtered by a pack of forest panthers, who had grown to immeasurable size due to mutation. Thorgil, who was badly mauled, somehow survived the attack, but he had to witness the literal tearing apart of his pack before his eyes.

Stunned and bewildered, he spent days in the forest, as his powerful body quickly healed. However, he was awestruck, and with a thousand yard stare, he began wandering aimlessly west, through the gate, and into the country side of The Republic, a place where no Wilder ever ventured alone. Thorgil was stumbling aimlessly down a country road on the night of the Cataclsym. Completely unaware of his surroundings, when the Catalclsym struck, a great fissure opened in the earth near the road, and without even trying to react to what was his obvious, impending doom, Thorgil was swallowed into the fissure. Days later, he burst out of the ground, now no longer a Wilder of the Great Forest, but the Horned Giant.

A force in his mind compelled him to travel West, and he continued to do so. Refugees on the road who were escaping east would scream in terror at the sight of the giant, and many actually tried to kill him with sword and stone. Using his giant stature, he could bodily lift a man overhead and tear his limbs from his body. Drenched in blood, he continued his trek along the roads West, incoherently mumbling as if in a language no one could understand.

Thorgil's new body has a penchant for magic, and his senses lead him to sources of it. While traveling West, he left the road many times as a dark force would compel him into a town or village in search of an object of magic power there. He would slowly stumble into a village, with villagers fleeing at the sight of him, and steal those artifacts as he went. Their combined magic power around her further served to derange and mutate him. Not fully under his control, the enormous amount of magic energy surrounds Thorgil seemingly has a mind of its own. Thorgil can seemingly summon legions of magical constructs without being fully aware that he is doing it. When he had at last traveled as far West as Katsu-lan, he was met by the cabalists who immediately recognized his immense magical strength. Since then, Thorgil has been being led around by one cabalist or another, utilizing his tremendous magical potential as a ritualist of The Cabal.