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The Chronicles Time Line stretches back over 1,000 years from the present time and encompasses many major events which have shaped the current universe into what it is now. You can follow along with the time line or click on each piece for more information.

Time Line Legend The dates kept within the annals of history in Chronicles are related to the founding of the Republic. The Day of Founding marked the first day of the first year After Founding. Times prior to that are referred to as Before Founding. Since the Cataclysm, what few scholars of history can be found in these turbulent times, have set the a new time line with its first day of the first year starting on the date of the Cataclysm and henceforth referred to as Post Cataclysm.

A year within the world of Chronicles is roughly equivalent to a year on our world.

  • BF - Before Founding of the Republic
  • AF - After Founding of the Republic
  • PC - Post Cataclysm

Pre History (???? BF - 148 BF)

The history and state of Indagar prior to the arrival of The Minsheng Empire is mostly unwritten and undiscovered. What is known is that The Forgotten, the Tribes of the Forests, The Stars of Ixohtl, and the people of the the Ramal Nations were already inhabiting the continent, although not in the form of civilization that we know of them today. During this time, these peoples were un-civilized societies lacking even the basics of history or written language. The scholars simply write of them that they were barbaric peoples who had yet to come to know the bounties of science, technology, and civilization.

The Ramal Nations at this time did not exist, the people of the Sand Seas were merely nomadic herders and wanderers, living from the bounties of the desert rivers. Further, the Stars of Ixohtl roamed the entire eastern plains from the foothills of the Spine all the way to the coasts of the east. The People of the Stars have an oral history that dates during this period, and they tell that there were more Stars on the plains than just the three that we know of today and that these Stars were extinguished during the Conquest of Arkland. Further, the Great Forest Tribes also have an oral history in the form of legends which speaks that their civilization, as it is now, thrived in the Great Forest within the Spine and still practiced their worship of The Wild. Their oral history also speaks of The Forgotten, and that no one from the Tribes dare pass the Spine to the west for fear of them.

Not much is known of The Forgotten at all. The Minsheng Empire did not leave a written history of those peoples and instead passed them off into oblivion. What is known is that The Forgotten were the original peoples who claimed the power of The Well.

The Imperial Invasion (148 BF - 126 BF)

The War of Succession and the First War of the Stars (126 BF - 102 BF)

The Second War of the Stars and Republic Expansion (102 BF - 73 BF)

War for Indagar (73 BF - 50 BF)

  • 71 BF - Arkland and the Republic establish embassies in Konagara and King's Crossing.
  • 68 BF - In the Empire homeland, a new Emperor is crowned, threatening to conquer all of Indagar. In response, the Republic ceases shipping Spirits to the Empire in response.
  • 67 BF - An Imperial navy is spotted, the largest naval armada the world had ever seen. The War for Indagar begins.
  • 66 BF - Konagara falls to the Empire. The Republic Counsels retreat to Katsu-lan and establish a new government in the capital. Imperial ships attack Arkland ships off the cost of Bay of Spirits.
  • 65 BF - Arkland and the Republic establish the First Alliance. A massive counter-attack ensues and the Imperial Army is driven from Indagar back to the sea where an armada of ships under the flag of Arkland launch a surprise attack which destroys most of the Imperial Navy. The War for Indagar ends as abruptly as it began.
  • 64 BF - Regular Spirits trade routes are established between Arkland and the Republic as payment for the war. Construction of the Great Road begins.
  • 61 BF - Knowing the world grows larger than their plains, the Stars of Ixohtl establish an embassy in Konagara.
  • 59 BF - The peoples who will become the Ramal Nations are discovered and trade routes are established between Arkland, the Republic, and the Sand Seas.
  • 50 BF - The Stars Align. The 3 remaining Stars of Ixohtl begin mustering their forces under the command of a Star reborn.

Third War of the Stars and The Founding (50 BF - 1 AF)

  • 49 BF - The Stars combine and invade Arkland. The Third War of the Stars begins and will not end for 50 years.
  • 48 BF - The Battle of Blood Plains occurs. Arkland is soundly defeated during a counter-attack against the Stars. The Stars surround the Bay of Kings.
  • 47 BF - Arkland forms an alliance with their homeland by offering them an Ironwood lease. A massive war fleet arrives and pushes the Stars back to the plains.
  • 43 BF - With the King's Wald nearly deforested, the Kingdom is unable to continue paying for support from their homeland, and Arkland is forced to broker the Spirit Lease with the Republic. Outside support ensures the war continue to stalemate.
  • 39 BF - Ryuk-lan county is established.
  • 30 BF - Arkland pushes the Stars all the way to the Spine. As according to prophecy, in their direst need, it is said that the sun burns red in the sky, and Arkland is miraculously defeated at the Battle of Red Sun
  • 24 BF - The war continues to stale mate for Arkland. The Blood Pact is formed and the Blood Cults are born.
  • 10 BF - The Battle of the Forgotten is waged on the great plains. Both the armies of the Stars and combined Arkland forces are utterly decimated.
  • 6 BF - Arkland drafts the Accord. It is rejected.
  • 1 BF - Under further duress, the New Republic Charter is established. Arkland agrees to become a vassal of the Republic. Arkland's war debt is paid by the Republic to their homeland in Spirits.
  • 1 AF - The Republic proper is founded. The Stars of Ixothl are forced to be a vassal of the Republic under duress of combined Arkland and Republic support. The Republic is now in control of all of Indagar.

First Golden Age of the Republic (1 AF - 317 AF)

War of Kings (317 AF - 332 AF)

  • 317 AF - Pirate ships begin raiding and destroy Arkland trading vessels. Their origins are unknown.
  • 318 AF - A massive naval armada under the flag of the Kingdom of Grandia enter the mouth of the Bay of Kings. An emissary lands in King's Crossing with demands. Arkland summarily rejects the demands starting the War of Kings.
  • 319 AF - King's Crossing is under siege. In response, the Republic persuades the Stars of Ixohtl to march on King's Crossing, something which has never been done in hundreds of years.
  • 320 AF - The siege of King's Crossing is broken, but the Kingdom of Grandia establishes an outpost along the eastern coast of Indagar and reinforces from their faraway home.
  • 324 AF - Using ships bearing the technology of the Republic, Arkland's navy wins the Battle of Black Waves, crushing the navy of Grandia and blockading their outposts.
  • 325 AF - Under combined forces of the Horse Lords, Arkland, and the Republic, the forces of Grandia are forced to surrender.
  • 330 AF - The King of Grandia raises another war fleet to once again attack The Republic.
  • 332 AF - The King of Grandia is assassinated by a Blood Cult Assassin within his own palace. Thus ends the War of Kings. The Republic is able to thwart the first, major, foreign threat.

Reconstruction (332 AF - 401 AF)

Second Golden Age of the Republic (401 AF - 968 AF)

The Fall of the Republic (968 AF - 1000 AF)

Recent History (1 PC - Current)

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