Tinishi Ibabi

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Tinishi Ibabi is a Blood Cult Assassin and personal bodyguard of Asahaba Shirat Pavi. She is renowned for her unparalleled speed in combat and ability to seemingly control time and space with her magic. Her code name is Little Snake, and is what she answers too, her original name having been long forgotten.


Little Snake is a young woman, and tiny by all standards. She is, however, one of the deadliest assassins of her age. Little Snake, like all assassins, wears the mask of the assassin so as to hide her identify in public. Like all assassins, she is festooned with hidden weapons - daggers, bombs, poisons, and other tools of death.

Little Snake is ambitious, having allied herself with an immensely powerful and young Blood Mage known as Asahaba Shirat Pavi. In her adventures with Asahaba, Little Snake has learned how to command armies as well as being a formidable dealer of death, herself. She speaks very softly, but firmly. Others must be quite to hear her, and she likes it that way.

Little Snake's true motives are unknown even to herself. Through her station with Asahaba, she has risen to a point of legend and power that is no befit a Blood Cult Assassin, who by trade need to stay in the shadows. She is perhaps the first Blood Cult Assassin to rise to a station of fame among the local peoples.


Little Snake was orphaned at the age of 4. When the local constable found her on the streets, she was taken before the magistrates who assigned her to live withe Blood Cults who were seeking fresh recruits for their leagues of assassins. With no family, and no past, she was the perfect material for a cold blooded assassin. They groomed her, trained her in the ways of the blade, and began her daily regiment of Blood Spirits which would ultimately transform her body into a killing machine while also leaving her disfigured.

Little Snake never grew large, and stayed very small. There was some doubt for a time that the Blood Cults had wasted their time on her, but she proved them wrong when she began to develop a keen sense of magic and time. Using the powers granted to her by Blood Spirits, Little Snake displayed a unique ability to seemingly control time in the space around her. She could use this power to move at speeds unseen in centuries by any assassin. Striking like a snake, through immense speed, she was given the code name, Little Snake.

Little Snake was unleashed on the world when she turned 18, starting to receiving assassination orders and missions. She accomplished this all perfectly, without ever arousing suspicion and always with a clean kill and getaway.

Little Snake was also in the cult of Asahaba, her future friend and charge. One night, inside of the cult halls, Little Snake, who was having trouble falling asleep, detected the magical presence of two assassins who did not belong in the building. She began to stalk them and arrived at Asahaba's room. As she peered through a cracked doorway, she saw two assassins, one who had a blade out and was just beginning the downward plunge to bury the blade in Asahaba's heart. With supernatural speed, she crossed the room in the blink of an eye, using her own dagger to deflect the knife from killing Asahaba. This woke the Blood Mage, and while Little Snake dueled with the other assassins, Asahaba stood and using her magic, boiled the blood of the two would-be assassins in their own bodies. They died instantly.

In return for her service, Asahaba, who was immensely powerful with Blood Magic, granted Little Snake a restorative blood vial which began to heal her disfigurements. Amazed, Little Snake swore an oath to Asahaba to become her bodyguard, and together, they have been friend since.

Later, Asahaba and Little Snake become leaders of a fighting force sent to slay a sand monster who had been born of the Cataclysm. Through that, they both gained fame and learned the skills of warfare. Together, they have been leading the Blood Cults and the armies of the Ramaltas in Shuttuhepa since.