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Vras Gahal is the current reigning Kasentas of the city nation of Eribaratta in the Ramal Nations. Known of the Twin Blades, Vras is considered by many throughout Indagar as perhaps the greatest warrior of their time. As a Kasentas in standing, Vras has never lost a duel, but further, he has also never lost at the Challenge Festivals either. Vras is beloved by the Kasene under his command, and he is the pride of the Ramaltas of Eribaratta.


Vras is of unassuming stature, but very graceful. He moves elegantly, even when normally walking, and many around him find his bodily motions oddly queer. His voice, however, betrays his movements at is commanding and large, a skill and personality trait he has learned over the years of commanding soldiers.

Vras wears a specially designed suit of armor, as almost all Kasentas do. His armor is comprised of powerful metals, reinforced by Blood Magic, which serves to allow him freedom of movement while fighting without much risk of injury. He is known as the Twin Blades for the two curved blades her wields, a novelty in the Ramal Nations world and one of the secrets to his martial success as most opponents are unsure of what to do with them.

He also wears a skull mask, its intent to intimidate his foes, and he uses the face of death well when fighting.

Vras is also widely considered a man of deep honor with a sense of loyalty and oath far exceeding even most Kasentas. He is always known for a sense of justice and fairness among his soldiers, and this attitude pays him well with loyalty.


Athletic even as a child, Vras Gahal grew up the son of a farmer in Eribaratta. Vras, like many children of the Ramal Nations, received an education through the publicly provided school system, and as part of extra curricular activities, he always participated in combat training. From a young age, Vras wanted to become a Kasene, a famed warrior of the city. Most of his teachers and other students thought Vras to be unfit for such work, and his body was not large and his movements far too graceful and elegant for a fighter. Yet, he would prove them all wrong as he was able to develop his own fighting style over time, one in which the grace of his movement could be translated into blinding speed.

Vras joined the ranks of the Kasene in Eribarrata as he became a young man. He fought his way in via a local Challenge Festival, and was able to defeat a standing Kasene in a bloodless duel. There, Vras learned the ways of warfare as he became an esteemed soldier. Vras was undefeated in challenges and duels as a Kasene, besting everyone else besides the mighty Kasentas of the time. As is the tradition of the Kasentas, at the age of 24, Vras challenged the reigning Kasentas to a duel. It was an epic battle that lasted many minutes, but he was able to sword dance his way to victory. With a sense of great honor, he actually spared the life of the Kasentas who reluctantly submitted.

Vras would go on to be Kasentas for many years, serving the Ramaltas. He led many battles and defeated many foes.

Vras was present in Konagara during the Cataclysm as a bodyguard to his Ramaltas. On the night of the Cataclysm, as the city burned, Vras and his Kasene led the Ramaltas to safety out of the city. They had sent a runner to charter a ship in Jin-lan to take them back to the Sand Seas. However, the horrors of the Cataclysm would not let them leave peacefully. A newly born cabalist had caught wind that a Ramaltas was in flight to Jin-lan, and with a cadre of demons and deformed humans, he set out after them.

Three nights later, while staying in a local village, the inn in which they slept was attacked. Vras led his Kasene outside, into the night, to face down the threat of the cabalist. There, they gave battle as a horde of monstrous creatures attacked them. Many Kasene were killed and injured, but they were all sworn to fight to the death for their Ramaltas. When the cabalist finally emerged, his body empowered by magic, Vras engaged the warrior mage in a duel as the fighting continued around them. The cabalist conjured a power like Vras had never seen, able to move with preternatural speed and strike with the force of three or four men. Vras quickly discovered that the blows from this monster could not be blocked or deflected. Relying on his training and his unique fighting style, Vras began to use his superior footwork to out maneuver his foe. Thundering blows smashed into the earth, leaving small craters just where Vras had been before he dodged. His Kasene watched on as they knew that if Vras could not kill this foe, then none of them could either. The battle was waged for minutes as Vras nimbly rained blows down on the cabalist's armor until it finally gave way. With a spinning leap, he buried his curved blade into the neck of the cabalist and with a twist, removed his head. The battle was won.

Without waiting, they gathered the Ramaltas, and they left that not, determined to not stop until they reached the port in Jin-lan. Yet, when the arrived, the town was already beset by winged beasts, who appeared to once have been men, and yet another cabalist, who bore enormous bat-like wings. Their only hope was to escape by boat, and to do so, they would have to fight through the beset town to the docks all while protecting the Ramaltas and his party. Unafraid, Vras ordered his into the town and that if they could, should help the citizens along the way. Many winged demon-men came at them as they struggled through the streets, and many were cut down or shot down by bolts. Noticing the disturbance, the winged cabalist flew directly towards them, cornering them just out of reach of the ship. The remaining Kasene formed a battle line, but they knew it was hopeless against such a monster.

Vras knew what he had to do. Grabbing a rope from the ground, he began tying it around the handles of his blades. He entered into solo battle with the demon lord, using the rope to his advantage to befuddle the demon as they fought and to inhibit its movements. With extreme grace, Vras weaved in and out of deadly blows, until finally the frustrated cabalist took to the sky. Vras grabbed one section of the rope, and twirling it above his head, he launched his curved blade into the air and buried into the chest of the demonic host. With a jerk he pulled the demon from the sky and drove the other blade through its neck. Quickly, they boarded the ship and set sail for the Sand Seas.

To this date, Vras is the only known human to have killed a Cabalist in single combat and live to tell about it. And, in fact, he has two notches on his belt, a feat which is deemed impossible.