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File:happygorilla_logo.png|Happy Gorilla Game Studio
File:happygorilla_logo.png|Happy Gorilla Game Studio
File:chronicles_logo.png|Chronicles: The Game
File:chronicles_logo.png|Chronicles: The Game

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Welcome to the World of Indagar

The World of Indagar wiki provides the authority resource for all Chronicles Lore. The wiki is an encyclopedic resource of the present day and long history of Indagar, its peoples, and the world at large. There are hundreds of articles here describing history, geography, important people, the factions of Indagar, the outside continents and powers, and more.

Do you love to build worlds?

Happy Gorilla Game Studio works with its fans to maintain this wiki, and we are always looking for adept world builders to add on to this wiki. The World of Indagar is an ever growing setting, and you could be apart of building that setting, and writing the history of the world. Please contact us: neil@chroniclesthegame.com if you are interested.

The Wiki

This wiki is maintained by Happy Gorilla Game Studio and all contained herein is the sole property of HGGS and the fans/individuals who wrote the material, protected by Copyright. That being said, it is our aim to provide a truly "open source" world, and if you wish to add on to the existing canon, just email us above and get involved!

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